Every job is best done by a professional. You are a professional in your business, just as we are professionals in ours. Noratek can manage your IT system in order to allow you to focus on what is most important to you, your business.

Noratek Solutions provides a broad portfolio of IT services that will allow you to concentrate on your core business. Our team of highly-qualified professionals provide exceptional IT needs analysis, managed services, server expertise, disaster recovery solutions, security solutions and more.

IT Needs Analysis

Our technicians will perform an analysis of your IT infrastructure.  This is an examination of all existing equipment, including performance and age.  Once we complete our analysis, we will sit down with you and go over our findings.  We will include a list of recommendations for your existing infrastructure, and any recommended upgrades to maintain the health and strength of your IT infrastructure.

Managed Services

As a managed services client, our technicians use System Reporter to monitor your IT network and infrastructure remotely.  This tool allows our technicians to discover problems when they occur and provide a solution before you are even aware the issue even existed.  This proactive approach to IT network maintenance is intended to reduce or eliminate any downtime for your business.

Server Expertise

Our technicians all possess a solid understanding of core technologies and have access to a variety of informational resources.  This makes our technicians able to resolve any network or server issue as quickly as possible, to get your business back up and running, should downtime occur.

Network, Internet and Security Solutions

Network, Internet and Security related services are a vital part of today’s business operations.  Noratek can customize your IT system to maximize security while increasing your access to information.

Computer Sales and Service

Noratek can determine the hardware and software best suited to your business needs and provide it.  Hardware and software can be customized to meet the individual needs of your business. We know your time is valuable.  Whenever possible.  All issues will be resolved at your site.  If issues cannot be resolved onsite, our technicians will collect the equipment and repair it in our shop.  Upon completion, we will return it to your site and rejoin it to your IT system.

Business Application Development

Noratek has developed business applications for many different industries.  Each application is designed and built to meet client’s specification.  Our development process has proven successful for our clients and our developers, as important issues are revealed early in the process.  This allows our developers to address all important issues before they become problems.